世界和谐小大使Harmony Liu荣获白宫志愿者金奖

On September 30th, the renowned US Congressman Tom Suozzi held a fundraising party at the Rooftop of 1717 Penn Ave office building in Washington.  World Harmony Delegation were invited to join his fundraising party.

Harmony Liu, a 15-year-old America-Chinese high school student from New York and the Youth World Harmony Ambassador,  was presented by Congressman Suozzi “A White House Presidential Volunteer Gold Medal”. As a young volunteer from elementary school to high school, she actively participated in public welfare activities for the United Nations, the community, school and Ask congress TV Station. Harmony also used her artistic performance skills to promote environmental protection and multiculturalism. She also participated in humanitarian assistance and charitable donations, and encouraged her friends to contribute to the UN WHO, UNICEF and UNHCR .

Harmony have been volunteering about for hundreds of hours, especially since COVID-19;  and she have been more actively involved in WHF  for the assistance of the epidemic-stricken areas like Columbia, Mexico, Nepal, Ghana .

In mid-July, she initiated the “Harmony Global Initiative” to end Japan’s decision to dumping nuclear wastewater into the public ocean in two years.  Her  action is highly acclaimed and indeed appreciated by the international and local  community .

The  international media has acclaimed Harmony,  as a good example for contemporary young person to pay attention to more particularly in the realms of  environmental protection and corporate  social responsibility.

In recognition of the aforementioned , The White House Volunteers Office , gave The White House Volunteer Gold Award, which was presented  by the renowned Congressman Tom Suozzi ; and was witnessed by the Madam Speaker of the house , Nancy Pelosi, and she came forward to congratulate her with taking photo.  Madam Speaker gave Harmony words of encouragement and praises .

The White House Volunteer Award is a national award specially established by the U.S. government , to commend public welfare individuals who have made outstanding contributions to promoting world peace, social harmony, and humane friendship and promoting a virtuous circle of social relations.

The said award certificate reads: “The development of American history is not achieved by individual or some of us, but by the joint efforts of all of us. Congratulations to you for winning this award for charity. And I am very honored to be able to present awards to you-volunteers who have devoted 256 hours of public welfare and social service to our great country. Throughout the history of our country’s development, our country’s development is always determined by those who can condense about ideals and Difficulties are transformed into realistic optimism pioneers and have been consolidated and promoted, and I have not only found that those who are committed to serving the country and society steadily, their core expectation is to make each of us live a better and better life. Harmony Liu, by sharing your time and enthusiasm, your volunteer service has helped us to solve many challenges that we are facing and need to think for a long time. We live in an era of hope, light and love. I mean hope It is the hope for our future development. The so-called bright is the guidance on our path forward. The so-called love refers to the harmony and friendliness of the relationship between people. You have demonstrated the above three points through your voluntary service behavior; now the United States From the standpoint of the people, I am very grateful for your charity service, and I hope you can stick to your charity service behavior, because the future of the country belongs to you!”

As mentioned in the above captioned  award certificate :  hope, light and love are the ideal and value choices she has persisted and explored on the road to public welfare since she was a child. It is reported that Harmony Liu has been living in a “harmonious home” dedicated to social responsibility and paying equal attention to both Chinese and Western cultures:  Her grandfather and her parents have dedicated their lives , to promoting world peace, social harmony, interpersonal harmony and disdain. She grew up in such a harmonious and peaceful environment.

 The influence of the “Harmonious  Home “,  has planted the seeds for her to be forward  thinking  ,  and to be brave enough  to focus on social justice issues  from a young age; and above all to  to pursue hope, light and love and encourage corporate social responsibility.

In January 2020, when the COVID-19 ,  began to spread in Wuhan, China, she initiated the WHF Youth Leadership Committee of organizing of more than 40 schoolmate and friends to fight the epidemic, and called on the youths of both China and the United States,  with the slogan “Eat less hamburgers anddrink less water“. These youth from diverse multicultural and ethnic backgrounds, from universities, middle schools, and primary schools, donated to WHO , UNICEF to assist the affected areas .  In recognition of this, they received the support of the former , 102-year-old  Late senior Congressman Lester Wolff and also Congressman Suozzi.

In March 2020, prior to the spread of the COVID -19 , Pandemic globally ,  she summarized China’s experience’s. She encouraged her classmates,  to call on schools to immediately  close classes ;  advocated to postpone classes and  summer camps thus to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus .

Harmony also wrote open letters to : the US President; The Speaker of House, Congressman; Governor of New York; The mayor of New York . Harmony also attracted the attention of the government and schools and promoted the early closure of all schools in Long Island, being one week earlier than the Manhattan school, to avoid student infection!

Their actions were highly commended by many senior officials, including UN Secretary-General Guterres, senior officials of the UN Health Organization, and UN under Secretary-General Liu Zhenmin.

In recognition of the aforementioned innovative activities , Harmony now   serves in the UNEP NGO World Harmony Foundation Harmony , as youth Ambassador, and Secretary-General of the Youth Leadership Committee;  and also serves as a youth reporter and video editor for the U.S. Congress Web TV station.

We pray that she can go further and further on the road of social justice and equality for all ;  and continues to make  more contributions to the creation of a more beautiful home on the earth with her own abilities and expertise.

The attendees from  World Harmony Foundation who attended the fundraising last night were a :  Frank Liu,  Dr. Suzi Legget, Founder, Bo Chen, Dr. UgojiAdanmaEze , Esq , Nina Ke, Guantian Chen, ZhichaoZan, Yongchen Huang and Catherine Lu .

世界和谐小大使Harmony Liu荣获白宫志愿者金奖

   9月30日,美国著名联邦国会议员汤姆·索瓦齐在华盛顿1717 Penn Ave 办公大厦举行募捐晚会,特别邀请了来自纽约15岁的华裔高中生、世界和谐小大使Harmony Liu,并给她戴上了白宫总统自愿者金奖奖章,鉴于她从小学到高中,作为少年自愿者积极参加联合国与社区的公益活动、用艺术表演宣传环保与多元文化、参与人道援助与慈善捐赠、为联合国与社区做了几百小时的义工,尤其是从COVID-19以来,更积极的参与疫情灾区的援助。七月中,她发起终止日本两年后排放核废水入公海的决定的“Harmony Global Initiative 和谐环保全球行动”,向全球发声呼吁,致信各国首脑、联合国大会、联合国全球传播部,收到联合国与媒体的赞赏,被认为是当代青少年关注环保、承担社会责任的好榜样。





2020 年 1 月, 当新冠肺炎在中国武汉开始蔓延时候, 她发起组织 WHF 40 多个青少儿抗击疫情筹款委员会, 以“少吃一口汉堡包,少喝一口气水”的口号,号召中、美、加、非、澳等多肤色多种族裔的大、中、小学青少儿共同给联合国卫生组织、儿童基金会捐款援助疫情灾区! 得到 102 岁资深老议员 Lester Wolff 与联邦议员 Suozzi 的签字支持;2020 年 3 月,在美国新冠肺炎开始蔓延前, 总结中国的经验,她带领同学们呼吁学校立即停课、倡导把课程推到暑假避免肺炎感染,写公开信给美国总统、议长、议 员、纽约州长、市长、引起政府与学校的重视,促进了长岛所有学校提前关闭, 比曼哈顿学校早了一周,避免了学生感染!他们的行动获得联合国秘书长古特雷斯、联合国卫生组织高级官员、联合国副秘书长刘振民等多位高级官员的来函表彰;现在的她,担任联合国环境规划署非政府组织世界和谐基金会和谐小大使,兼青少儿领袖委员会秘书长,还兼任美国国会网络电视台小记者与视频编辑。


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