2023年8月13日,由世界和平联合会主办的2023年“维护校园安全,保障学生安全”研讨会在华盛顿州贝尔维尤图书馆举行。其目的:预防和减少枪击事件的发生,寻求校园安全措施。On August 13, 2023, the 2023 “Maintaining Campus Safety, Ensuring Student Safety” seminar hosted by the World Peace Federation was held in the library of Bellevue, Washington State. Its purpose: to prevent and reduce the occurrence of shooting incidents, and to seek campus safety measures.


The campus should be a piece of pure land, a place to cultivate pillars, and also the hope for the future of every family and country, and a place worthy of everyone’s protection. Campus safety is closely related to every parent, student, teacher, and society.



Campus security concerns persist since 2023.

*According to Observer.com, on the evening of February 13 local time, a serious shooting occurred at Michigan State University, killing 3 people and injuring 5 others, including two Chinese students who were unfortunately shot and injured.



*On March 27 local time, a mass shooting occurred at a private Christian school in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA. 6 people were killed, including 3 children and 3 teaching staff. The gunman was shot dead by the police after killing 6 people. The shooter is a 28-year-old former student of the school, who is a transgender male.

*据环球网报道,当地时间6月10日,美国宾夕法尼亚州纽卡斯尔市(New Castle)发生一起枪击事件,造成1人死亡、2人受伤,死伤者均为青少年。

* According to a report from the World Wide Web, on June 10, local time, a shooting occurred in New Castle, Pennsylvania, USA, resulting in 1 death and 2 injuries, all of whom were teenagers.


Due to the frequent occurrence of school shootings in real life, there are a lot of man-made injuries, and most of the victims and perpetrators are teenagers. Therefore, how to prevent juvenile delinquency is the key; how to ensure the safety of teachers and students in schools is the primary issue that teachers, students, parents, society, and the government need to discuss together.



After the school shooting tragedy, we must learn from the pain, stop being numb, and look for questions and correct answers.

The symposium kicked off with a keynote address by World Peace Federation Vice President Leo Leonard. He conducts case studies of school safety issues and suggests constructive solutions.


演讲者 – 利奥·伦纳德





第二修正案的后半部分描述了保留和携带武器的权利,允许人们携带 AR-15 进入美国各地的小学、沃尔玛、超市、教堂和犹太教堂,有时还带有稳定器支架。























1. 动员捐款增加美国学校的围栏和监控等安全设施。



The symposium started with the keynote speech “Maintaining campus law and order and ensuring student safety” and “Finding solutions to reduce innocent deaths” delivered by the vice chairman of the World Peace Federation.

Speaker – Leo Leonard

Dear ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests:

Hello everyone!

It is a great honor to discuss with you today how to care for the next generation. School safety is closely related to gun control. Does owning a gun lead to crime or prevent it? Do guns or people kill people? Or the system? It has long been controversial.

Controversy at the constitutional level: The Second Amendment “A well-trained militia is necessary to the security of a free state.” Arguments surrounding the importance of law enforcement in reducing gun violence and gun deaths may also include arguments against foreign aggression.

The second half of the Second Amendment, which describes the right to keep and bear arms, allows people to carry AR-15s into elementary schools, Walmarts, supermarkets, churches, and synagogues across the United States, sometimes with a stabilizer mount.


With the migration of history, society is undergoing fundamental changes. How to prevent the frequent occurrence of shooting incidents in social real life is the key. Every citizen and every person living on this land has the responsibility and obligation to think about these issues, let us explore them together.

Don’t think the shootings have anything to do with us, in fact, they have a lot to do with us. When the lovely students are still studying in the classroom, there may be gunshots coming from nowhere; when you walk on the street or into the supermarket, you may hear gunshots from nowhere; when you pray to God, a bullet from nowhere destroys your faith! Terrible doom truly does not know when and to whom.

In many cases, it is not difficult for us to find that the murderer shoots the students not out of hatred, but just an indulgence of free thought! An indulgence that is not bound by the consciousness of self-law! Indulgence with no moral bottom line at all!

So the question is, why is there such unscrupulous indulgence?



Parents in every family are good teachers and helpful friends. Many families neglect to care for their children, which leads to psychological barriers for children. Hatred releases indulgent behavior, which leads to venting to society when they grow up.


Teachers are on the front line of serving society and promoting educational equity, and educators are the key to the growth of young people. How to expand moral education, as well as children’s psychological education, so that children can better understand the importance of morality and social security, in order to better expand the safety factor of the future society, adolescent mental health education is very important.


It is important to build educational and advocacy tools, not to teach people to be critical, but to inspire people to achieve social justice. Social justice is social justice and morality.

Racial inequality is also a disease that plagues society. It uses physiological situations to explain the fundamental law of race survival including the rights to adequate food to adequate housing education health and to a secure living environment. Look for novel solutions from other sources especially those outside of the field/culture

Education requires the joint attention of families, schools, and communities. Once missed, you will become the biggest killer in society!


The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is binding on how to balance the right to self-defense with guns and the maintenance of public safety and the interests of the people, and it also gives gun owners the right to protect themselves. The fundamental purpose of gun control is to safeguard public safety and the interests of the people.


1. A monitoring room is set up on the campus, and there is no blind area for monitoring. Surveillance personnel observe suspicious phenomena on campus at any time.

2. Increase campus security personnel to guard the gate and patrol.

3. Building walls and gates on the campus—teachers and students on the campus use access control cards to enter the school

4. Incorporate students’ knowledge and use of firearms into teaching materials

5. Encourage gun owners to use “sedation guns instead of live ammunition guns” to reduce unnecessary casualties.


1. A monitoring room is set up on the campus, there is no dead angle monitoring, and the monitoring personnel observe suspicious phenomena on the campus at any time

2. Increase the number of security personnel on the campus, guarding the gate and patrolling.

3. Building walls and gates on the campus – teachers and students on the campus use access cards to enter the school

4. Incorporate students’ knowledge and uses of guns into teaching materials

5. Could the government consider the use of “sedation guns instead of live ammo guns” by gun owners


1. Mobilize donations to increase safety facilities such as fences and surveillance in American schools.

2. Part of the huge amount of funds for Ukrainian reinforcements is used for domestic schools to realize the above-mentioned campus security infrastructure.

3. Support gun holders to use “sedation guns instead of live ammunition guns” to prevent lethal weapons from flowing into society and reduce abnormal casualties?



Expert representative:

James Donaldson, a well-known American expert on youth mental health education, was invited to the seminar. He often holds speeches (inspirational, inspirational, educational) for groups, schools, and youth groups, and published “Standing Above the Crowd” to celebrate your The Gift of Life: From the Brink of Suicide to a Life Full of Purpose and Joy. At the same time, he is also a candidate for the mayor of Seattle for two terms and was once an American NBA player.


He said: “It’s been a pleasure to be part of this fantastic workshop today, I’ve thought a lot about our topic today, which is school safety and our students, over the years, and I think the time has come to really start to strengthen the Schools are safe. I know getting into school is already challenging, but this has to be taken very seriously. We live in a different time and era, it’s getting more dangerous and more violent. Unfortunately, this is fatal for our students and teachers, who are trying to do their daily work of educating our brilliant young people.



I think the technology is advanced enough now that we can set aside every room in the school and put a monitor on every wall to monitor every entrance. There can be an armed guard watching the school grounds, school buildings, so that the whole school is watched by TV screens all day long.

I think even the parents would volunteer to sit by the monitors to help monitor the school and make sure it is safe. You know it’s not filtered because as you’ve seen replays of some of the school shootings, the ones that blew the security glass and went in and killed a couple of innocent students. If there is a watcher, he can immediately pull the alarm, at least start to deal with the danger of human presence. Our schools should be monitored, but not most schools currently have monitoring and prevention devices. I think the federal government should consider a dedicated budget, and even taxpayers will be willing to step up and do something to help our children and make our schools safer. You know that when the bad guys are malicious, the school becomes the easiest place for them to attack. The school is the place where you see some kind of mental illness, especially the place where the security is insufficient, causing repeated injuries. This is Problems we have to solve.


Mental health is one of the things that I work with our schools and districts on. I’ve traveled to schools all over Washington State talking to our students about suicide prevention and criminal minds, and a lot of our kids really do have mild anxiety, which is a form of depression that comes with isolation and hopelessness.

我正在向华盛顿州 300 多个学区和学校负责人致信,询问他们我是否可以到他们的学校为他们的学生演讲。我收到了雷尼尔山地区一个小学区的回信,他们甚至没有高中!该学区很小,只有 50 个初中孩子和 80 个小学孩子。这些农村地区没有资源,也没有钱请演讲者出来与他们交谈,但他们希望我出来与他们交谈,并在晚上与他们的父母交谈。父母可以来,因为这是他们认为现在需要的帮助,而且现在有很多孩子需要帮助。


I am sending letters to 300+ school districts and superintendents of Washington schools asking them if I can come to their schools to be a speaker for their students. I got a letter back from a tiny school district in the Mount Rainier area and they don’t even have a high school! The district is so small they have 50 kids in middle school and another 80 children in elementary school. These rural areas don’t have the resources and they don’t the money they need to have a speaker come out and talk to them, but they want me to come out and talk to them, and talk to their parents at night when the parents can come, because that’s the help they feel they need right now, and there are a lot of these kids that need help right now.

The suicide rate in the United States is the highest on record, with 50,000 people taking their own lives in 2022, 80 percent of them men, because men are more likely to do so than women or children. So whether it’s a school shooting or the kids suffering from mental health challenges years later, the tragedy has happened. If you don’t pay attention to preventive education, there will still be the next batch of children who are still traumatized.


I’m reminded of the shootings in Florida, the shootings in Virginia…the shootings are everywhere, it’s a mental illness, so we need more and more resources, more and more people willing to come out and talk It’s an issue we don’t like to talk about, and getting more resources and money to help these people requires more mental health counselors. There aren’t enough mental health counselors to help everyone right now, so it’s a very serious topic for me, and we talked about how we’re trying to keep our campuses safe and monitored throughout the school day, and then also being able to provide.

对于患有任何类型的双相性创伤后应激障碍 (PTSD) 心理健康问题的人,患有创伤后应激障碍 (PTSD)、抑郁症、季节性影响性疾病等心理健康问题的人,或者如何让迷失方向的青少年重新站起来,寻求帮助并让他们意识到,仅仅因为你度过了糟糕的一天,这并不是一切的结束。明天将会并且可以更好,但他们不知道这一点,除非有更多的心理健康咨询师指导他们知道。


For people with any type of mental health bipolar PTSD people with mental health issues from PTSD, depression, seasonal affected disorder, or how to get a disoriented teen back on their feet, get help and have them realize that just because you had a bad day, it’s not the end of everything. Tomorrow will and can be better, but they don’t know that unless more mental health counselors coach them to know.

Kids are kids after all, they don’t know how to ask for help, especially teens, teens have a natural resistance to talking to their parents, it’s built-in. It’s not until they grow up that they understand their parents better and feel confident enough to talk to them. They need to be able to tell their parents something like…. Hey Mom, Dad, I don’t feel good right now, I don’t feel good about my life…


I think the mental health education of teenagers in schools is very important, and I hope that there will be more opportunities to walk into the campus to give speeches for teenagers, from “the verge of suicide to a life full of goals and joy”, so as to save more teenagers who are on the verge of taking their own life.


I’d appreciate anyone who would like to see what I’m working on. I am getting ready for the start of the school year and in about a month I hope I’m busy somewhere in the state every week for some of our kids to encourage them to stay strong and that they will make it through the difficult time they might be going through. Thanks!



Education representative: Ms. Liu Lixin has been engaged in education work. She is the founder/president of the United International Education Institute of the United States; the founder/principal of Monkel Multilingual Intrusive Education in the United States.


With regard to school safety, she cites the fact that private schools and kindergartens basically do not have such a special protection mechanism, and she is terrified. Private schools and kindergartens also need special security personnel to protect the campus. Because there are often some homeless people who come to us to sleep and even take drugs there. This poses a great threat to the health of our children.


In addition, parents also have violence against their children, because I myself came out of domestic violence. Let me give you an example, a father who was drunk threw his son in the middle of the road on the highway. This happened in our kindergarten. How do we solve problems like this and how to protect our young children? They are vulnerable groups, the most vulnerable groups in the world, and they must be protected. So, how do we protect their psychological safety? This is a serious problem. We hope to get the support of the government and the whole society and adopt a solution.


西雅图港港务专员候选人-谭德成.西雅图港港务专员候选人-谭德成,他是一位退休银行家,在金县拥有 40 年的经济管理经验。 他的职业重点是帮助工薪家庭寻找工作和商业机会。

Community Representative: Port of Seattle Harbor Commissioner Candidate – Ted Shing Tam. Port of Seattle Harbor Commissioner Candidate – TakShing Tam, a retired banker with 40 years of economic management experience in King County. His career focuses on helping working families find jobs and business opportunities.


He cited the safety measures currently taken by the school as unfeasible. He said that the safety measures currently taken by the school are not feasible. Since campus violence mostly occurs in toilets, the school locks the toilets, thinking that students need to arrange a time to go to the toilet, which will cause great harm to the health of students.




Jin Ling once studied and taught at East China Normal University in Suzhou and Yangcheng. After coming to the United States, he has been engaged in children’s education for many years and is keen on Sino-American cultural and educational exchanges. She pays attention to the education of students, cultivating children’s sexual interest and polite behavior to reduce crime.


She gave an example of a hobby and a method of reducing stress. She said: Teenagers like riding horses. They can start by feeding horses and sweeping horse manure, and cultivate love and hands-on ability, which can achieve good results.




Xia Che is a doctor of classical Chinese medicine, certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine(NCCAOM), and a licensed Chinese medicine acupuncturist in California and Washington State.


She shared an incredible case. She was once invited to give a Tai Chi presentation at a juvenile detention center. When she arrived at the juvenile detention center, she was surprised to see high walls and groups of unrefined teenagers. Such young teenagers should stay in school to study, but they have become prisoners, aged about 8 to 21 years old, this is an incredible thing.

她说:首先,我们用了很简单的话,“早晨太阳升起,月亮落下,日月相辉,花儿盛开,我们是地球的一部分。” 然后我们教他们习练太极拳。 一批习练结束后,管教随机询问他们的感受。 学员们表示还想学,其中一名女孩泪流满面。 后来管教告诉我们,女孩是杀人犯,但她不知道为什么要杀人。 为什么她哭了,也许她突然意识到了。 自然人实际上是一个小宇宙,与自然界大宇宙融为一体。 少管所此前也介绍过其他运动项目,但太极拳尤其体现在天人合一,将人类的思想融入自然之中。 他们渴望在高墙的世界里回归自然,少管所决定考虑将太极拳作为他们的体育课。

太极拳在某种程度上可以让浮躁的心静下来,可为他们去感悟一些事情提供一个良好的认知条件, 起到仁学礼仪,化凶为宜的效果。

She said: First, we used very simple words, “In the morning the sun rises, the moon sets, the sun and the moon shine, the flowers bloom, and we are part of the nature…”Then we taught them Tai Chi. After a session of training, the detention supervisor randomly asked them how they felt. The students expressed that they still wanted to learn, and one of the girls burst into tears. Later, the supervisor told us that the girl was a murderer, but she didn’t know why she wanted to kill. Why she was crying, maybe she suddenly realized. Out human body is actually a small universe integrated with the big universe. The Juvenile Management Office has also introduced other activities before, but Tai Chi is especially embodied in the unity of nature and human, integrating human thoughts into nature. They are eager to return to nature in the world from the high walls, and the juvenile management office decided to consider Tai Chi as their physical education class.

To some extent, Taijiquan can calm the impetuous mind, provide them with a good cognitive condition to understand some things, and play a role in learning etiquette and turning evil into appropriate.

综合上述研讨会专家、学者、教师、家长、社区代表的发言,笔者认为,关于学校安全问题,特别是枪击事件造成的损害,讨论的不仅仅是枪支本身,而是学校安全问题。 实弹死亡的比例需要改变。青少年正处于浮躁、迷茫的阶段,容易急躁、犯错、犯罪。 这种焦虑即使在学生时代没有表现出来,也很有可能发泄到社会上,比如街头漫无目的的枪击事件。

Based on the speeches of experts, scholars, teachers, parents, and community representatives in the above seminars, the author believes that the discussion on school safety issues, especially the damage caused by shooting incidents, is not just the gun itself, but the issue of live ammunition deaths needs to be changed. Teenagers are in an impetuous and confused stage, prone to impatience, mistakes, and crimes. Even if this kind of anxiety was not manifested in the student days, it is very likely to vent to society, such as aimless shootings on the streets.


这部宪法在当时应该是非常实用的,但很多项目并不适合21世纪的今天。 事实上,它造成了很多逻辑上的混乱,有悖于与时俱进的现实主义。

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution states: “A well trained militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

This constitution should have been very practical at the time, but many items are not suitable for today in the 21st century. In fact it creates a lot of logical confusion that goes against the realism of keeping up with the times.

宪法曾经赋予美国人持枪的权利,当时的定义是作为人民反抗政府的武器。 这在法案起草时应该是适应的,但在当今高度现代化的军事装备面前,完全不可能用它来抵抗任何东西。 与之相反,它只能伤及弱势群体、学校和无辜民众。

The Constitution once gave Americans the right to bear guns, which was defined as a weapon for the people to resist the government. This should have been accommodating when the bill was drafted, but with today’s highly modernized military equipment, it’s completely impossible to use it against anything. Instead, it only hurts vulnerable groups, schools, and innocent people.


“USA Today” columnist Rex Hepke believes that if guns were not so easy to obtain, many shootings in the United States would not have happened at all. “Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge that the reason mass shootings are so prevalent on campuses and in nearly every place imaginable is because we worship guns more than we respect the right to life of our fellow citizens.”

我们怎样才能减少枪击事件? 笔者认为,可从以下几方面进行探索:

1、“枪”本身需要改革:大都持枪者称是自我保护和射击娱乐,那么现在的真枪实弹致命武器应该属于军事防御范畴,民用防护枪就可以统一改用“麻醉枪”替代真枪实弹致命武器。 持枪者可以击倒对手并报警,但没有权力击毙对方。宪法赋予美国人持枪的权利,但没有权力杀死没有犯死罪的人,即使犯了罪,也应该是接受到法律的惩罚。宪法应进一步明确有关持民用枪的“枪”结构无造成死亡为目的。

How can we reduce shootings? The author believes that the following aspects can be explored:

  1. 1、The “gun” itself needs to be reformed: most gun owners say it is for self-protection and shooting entertainment, so the current real guns and live ammunition lethal weapons should belong to the category of military defense, and civilian protective guns can be uniformly replaced by “sedation guns” instead of real guns Live deadly weapons. The gunman can knock down the opponent and call the police, and he will be punished by law, but he has no right to kill the opponent. The Constitution gives Americans the right to hold guns, but it does not have the power to kill people who have not committed a capital crime. Even if they commit a crime, they should be punished by law. The constitution should further clarify that the “gun” structure of civilian-use guns does not aim at causing death.

2、教育改革:对学生进行心理咨询教育非常重要。 教育的目的不仅仅是获取知识,更重要的是学会承担社会责任。 心理健康教育不仅是关爱他人的事情,更重要的是,将其纳入教学必修课是关键。 可以起到预防犯罪心理的作用。

  1. 2、Education reform: It is very important to provide students with psychological counseling education. The purpose of education is not only to acquire knowledge but more importantly, to learn to be socially responsible. Mental health education is not only a matter of for caring people, but more importantly, it is the key to include it in the compulsory courses of teaching. It can play a role in preventing criminal psychology.
  2. 如何培养青少年的兴趣爱好是一个非常超现实的问题。比如体育运动,它实际上可以影响人的性格和行为倾向。美国的所有运动现在大多更加激烈、刺激和具有攻击性。 建议可以尝试一些静态的练习,比如太极拳,在少管中心试教后好评如潮; 某小学体育课试教效果很好。现在的关键是政府需要将资金纳入教育体系。
  3. How to cultivate young people’s interests and hobbies is a very surreal question. Compared with sports, it can actually affect people’s character and behavioral tendencies. All sports in the United States are now mostly more intense, exciting, and aggressive. It is suggested that you can try some static exercises, such as Taijiquan, which was well received after the trial teaching in the juvenile management center; the feedback from the trial teaching of a physical education class in a certain elementary school was very good. The key now is the need for the government to incorporate funding into the education system.

  4. 青少年的心理健康和兴趣培养很重要,修身养性,讲道德,讲法律,杜绝不尊守法律的放纵自由。这是全社会的责任和义务。寻找解决方案,但民众的力量是有限的。 请不要等到悲剧发生才开始悲伤。 悲伤只是悲伤。 最重要的是要注意预防。如何保障学校学生的安全,是教师、学生、家长、政府和全社会共同关心的重大问题。尤其需要政府部门高度重视和重视,通过各级政府议会的讨论,最终达到有效解决问题的目的。
  1. The mental health and interest cultivation of young people are very important. Self-cultivation, morality, and the law are important to put an end to indulgence and freedom that does not respect the law. This is the responsibility and obligation of the whole society. Find solutions, but the power of the populace is limited. Please don’t wait for tragedy to happen to start grieving. Sadness is just sadness. The most important thing is to pay attention to prevention. How to ensure the safety of school students is a major concern of teachers, students, parents, government, and the whole society. In particular, government departments need to attach great importance to it, and finally achieve the goal of effectively solving the problem through discussions in government councils at all levels.

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